The historic documents that shaped America are the envy of the world.  They provide the very written foundation for law and order in society and the peace and freedoms that we enjoy.  Teaching these values to upcoming citizens and reminding the preceding generations of Americans of their moral responibility should be common sense.

Our commitment is to instill these priceless values into the hearts and minds of family, friends, and neighbors through age appropriate and consistent exposure in all school classrooms.  The Ten Commandments, Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem provide a rich basis for personal responsibility, neighborhood security and national peace.  Constant exposure in the classroom allows for teacher instruction and reinforcement, special projects, and contest opportunities to reinforce responsible personal behaviors and teach students about all the opportunities that our inalienable rights provide.

We invite all good and decent US citizens to join this community-by-community effort to turn our American culture back to our essential foundational principles.

Historic Documents

Ten Commandments

Mayflower Compact

Declaration of Independence

US Constitution

Bill of Rights

Pledge and National Anthem

Our goal is to have these 24-inch by 36-inch posters of our historical documents in ALL the classrooms of your community and eventually all over our Nation.

By presenting these morals and values to students in an introductory, age-appropriate manner and with grade by grade instruction we begin to make your community a better place to live and our nation prosperous, secure and free.

We need your critical support in the campaign to make this happen!

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To find out more about the mission, info on posters, or how to support our cause contact us.

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